Embodiment and Internalisation (Oct 16)

If you commit, you will be rewarded. That is the essence of one of the most powerful life lessons I have been on the receiving end of. The opposite is just as clear - no commitment; no result.

This is not to say that commitment will yield the exact results we are hoping for. On the contrary, it is open to life's seemingly inscrutable design to show the path that leads forwards.

I am still reeling from the surprise of what has been happening in the run-up to teaching the Meridian Families online course.

First, I was awoken by a clear set of instructions as to how to activate the Tai Yang greater meridian flow (Small Intestine and Bladder unified). The realisation of what I was being given propelled me out of bed at an un-Godly and wholly unfamiliar early morning hour.

The first exercise was free (more or less) and merely required filling out and completing. The other five I had to wait and search for: hit-and-miss would be the most accurate description of the method employed. Neverthless, two or three weeks later we had the six exercises down, and even though they initially felt quite unfamiliar, the students are now warming to them and making their own discoveries through them.

One comment this week was: "Practical work going through the polarity of Tai Yang and Shao Yin standing exercises. The more we go through the series, the more it becomes embodied and internalized."

Two weeks ago, in the dead of night, I was instructed to develop two further series of exercises. Both are reclining sequences and whereas one is for the six meridians, the other is for the three families and is of such a minimalist and slothful design that the word "exercise" barely seems applicable...

And yet, if the reality of our reality is indeed rooted in vibration and frequency, as luminaries such as Einstein and Tesla have noted, then movement should - logically - be detectable within the deepest stillness and the heaviest density.....

To discover more about the levels of vibration we are composed of, please feel free to join the complementary Taster session on Monday evening: https://www.mindbodify.com/registration-page-23c57362...

Twill be fun!

Four Days to the Taster... (Oct 14)

On Monday evening, I will be co-hosting the Taster event for the Meridian Families course on Mindbodify.

As some are aware, I have been exploring the material these past few months with my co-travellers, via our regular Zoom classes.

It has been a joyful challenge to present the concepts and the practices that lead to embodiment of the six greater meridians in their three families - the very kernel of the energy system as posited over two thousand years ago by the Chinese ancients.

The results have been pretty astonishing - not least for me personally, with no less than three separate exercise sequences presenting themselves through dream process.

It would seem my students have been equally impressed by the sights and sounds greeting us as we move through this multi-dimensional landscape:

"Meridian families are more rich and fascinating every time, and yet so very basic, natural and simple"

"You have been digging up and putting in order all the hidden treasures, insights and discoveries that you carry inside."

"The exploration was really magical, as it just made so much sense and allowed so many different pieces of the puzzle to find their place."

"Today it suddenly came together... these six streams evoke so vividly what it means to be truly human."

To join the free one-hour taster event on Monday evening, simply click here and register: https://www.mindbodify.com/registration-page-23c57362

Pure (Oct 13)

When we remove complications,

Everything becomes possible.

The Void is Pure

When you can find it

Within Yourself.

See you tonight: https://joannefaulkner.ie/product/becoming-breath/

19.00 GMT, 20.00 CET....

Flow with Jo! (Oct 12)

It is my great pleasure to guest Joanne Faulkner's Qi Flow show tomorrow evening. Our theme will be Becoming Breath.

In the simplest of ways, we will explore what it means to breathe consciously, to be fully at home in our bodies and avoid overwhelm through physical discomfort or emotional overload.

Simply becoming more aware of our arms, hands and fingers and then placing them in different positions and parts of our body brings awareness from the depths to the surface. Things long forgotten or unsuspected come to our attention. Once there, they are subject to influence and change from our conscious as well as our unconscious mental processes...

Follow this link to register for the event: https://joannefaulkner.ie/product/becoming-breath/

7 pm = GMT (Ireland). This means 20.00 CET

Shiatsu Without Borders (Oct 9)

It was great to reconnect with Mihael Mamychshvili and the crew at Everything Shiatsu on Friday evening.

Barbara Murakami helped present our newly released and co-written book: "Room for Encounter" (Raum för Begegnung), while Mastermind, Snezhana Stoeva and Webmaster, Viorel Mihai helped present the ambitious Shiatsu Resources Worldwide ESF initiative, which Billy Ristuccia managed to get himself recruited to right there on the spot!

I was given a chance to present the upcoming Meridian Families online course and even challenged by Mihael to lead one of the dream exercises on the live stream. Those watching got to sample the movements and mudras of Tai Yang - extreme yang - which guards the body from behind and fuels momentum, both in body and in spirit.

We finished with brief shout-outs for Joanne Faulkner's Flow with Jo, which I will be guesting on Wednesday evening and finally, for Mindbodify's live event on November 2nd: Managing Time & Energy. Separate posts coming up....

For the full, one hour recording of the interview, including the Tai Yang exercise: https://www.facebook.com/groups/252042051500044/posts/4234056279965248

Three Burning Questions (Oct 6)

How does a simple lad born in Orpington, Kent, UK (Nowheresville, babydoll!) come to be the co-creator of a book about the Shiatsu encounter in German? (Hint: a German lady with a Japanese name...)

How does that same individual become co-creator of a global project to promote the amazing benefits of Shiatsu through the stories and experiences of Shiatsu practitioners the world over? (Hint: a Bulgarian lady currently living a respectable stone's throw from Nowheresville...)

How does that individual then manage - within the space of one month - to create three separate exercise sequences to activate and harmonise the meridian energy channels through dream-based activity? (Possible hint: a certain female Oriental gestalt introduced to him by his very recently passed mentor...)

The full answers to these questions and many more (for example, who is the mysterious Romanian Shiatsu historian/artist/technician behind the scenes in our global resources project?) will be revealed in full on Friday evening as I once again join the illustrious Mihael Mamychshvili on Everything Shiatsu: 19.00 CET.

Join us live via zoom link or facebook live stream: Shiatsu Without Borders.

Last Rites - Second Coming (Oct 5)

The friendly pigeon is long gone, the pears fallen and discarded, the tree itself felled and stacked for removal. Neat, tidy death.

Meanwhile, the rose bush, lovingly pruned, brings forth new wonders of beauty and fragrance...

And fall sends colour to the ground, leaving open empty vistas above.

Winter approaches...

And after winter?

The Fourth P: Psychological (Oct 4)

By psychological I mean, of course, everything pertaining to psyche: breath, mind, soul and spirit.

The work that we do with the other three P's, physical, personal and professional, are all in the service of the psyche.

When we pay attention to our psyche, new worlds unfold. Worlds in which gifts are revealed and abilities come to light.

But to access these gifts and abilities, one very important thing is required: commitment.

Commitment means engaging body and soul with a process that is going to mean something big for you.

It means something when people commit to a process and as a teacher (or therapist) one tries to make that process as fun, interesting and pleasant as possible.

As we all know, however, life is not always fun, interesting and pleasant. Therefore, it is doubly rewarding when people really engage, truly commit.

After three days of practice, discussion, fun and laughter, we did two sets of exercises to open energy flow from the legs and arms. The students remained sitting on their knees in Seiza, or "hero position" as it's apparently known in Yoga circles. They sat for a while. Quite a while, as it turned out. The room filled with a very special, very tangible silence.

It was the silence of commitment. It made me smile and laugh inwardly. It felt very, very quietly amazing.

Three P's (Oct 2)

We are alive and with each breath we take can become all we are designed to be.

Three P’s: developing and defining our Physical, Personal and Professional positive actions for daily living.

Stated another way: stepping outside the box and expanding our comfort zone:


Energy Management and Time - Past, Present & Future (Oct 1)

In 1997, Eckhart Tolle published his book The Power of Now. He proposed that every minute spent worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost: All we have is the present.

The question then arises: what can we do with this?

Even though his simple sentence outlines the essence of the problem, it is not that easy to apply - life has a tendency to continually happen!

And let's be honest, sometimes it feels good re-visiting happy moments with loved ones, or granting ourselves a boost of energy as we envision future success as we confront new challenges.

But what if we get stuck in the same bad experience again and again every time we try something new? And how about when we feel paralyzed by fear that we are not good enough and there's simply no point trying new things, because it will just end up a disaster as usual?

Considering time as a linear phenomenon, we have 3 possible planes of existence - past, present and future.

Our emotional and mental state can either be a source of revitalisation or an energy drain on any of these time planes, depending on the positive or negative charge of the experience in question.

So it seems worthwhile spending some time to master being on the positive side of the spectrum. We can achieve this by carefully choosing what kind of thoughts and feelings we tune in to, and what we invite into our inner space, all the while remaining in the present moment.

Openness and curiosity, together with being in our center - these are the small steps that keep us more fully in the present.

Mindbodify's fourth live Event will include exercises to address each of the aspects outlined above. Join us on Tuesday November 2nd: https://www.mindbodify.com/pl/2147519050

From Complexity - Simplicity...

From Simplicity - Infinity! (Sept 30)

I recall my first ever sight of a meridian wall chart in a Chinese bathhouse in Dali in 1986. I was mesmerised and confused at the exact same moment. My temporary mentor made no attempt to explain any of it - well, that would have been pretty difficult, since he was not only Chinese but also deaf and dumb...

The mystery was in no way clarified by the next few encounters I had with these channels of the para-normal, and it was not until many years later that I managed to find a simple way of understanding the bewildering complexity through the sweat of my own brow - and my love of Chinese characters.

The clues were there hidden in plain sight all along. It just took a while to spot them and make sense of them. Once spotted, I began to notice that others had made similar journeys: Mark Seem, Paul Lundberg and Bill Palmer stuck out most clearly, while Mike Mandl came along later and added another level of clarity and simplicity.

The Meridian Families bring everything down to the magical three. From three we get six and from the six... the Ten Thousand Things, of course!

The on-line course I am offering from late October through December is my way of sharing the fruits of the discoveries made on this 35-year journey.

There will be a free one hour toe-test taster session on October 18th: https://www.mindbodify.com/offers/xDRyvZBR

On the 25th we wade in deep! Join me then.

Early Bird registration: https://www.mindbodify.com/offers/WNc2qQKn/checkout

For those not able to join me on Monday evenings, the course will be available as a series of recordings once the classes are finished. Release date is set for 21-12-21.....

Meditation, Relaxation and Discovery (Sept 28)

From the outside, meditation can seem to be an impossible mountain to climb:

How can I still my thoughts?

How can I just sit and do nothing?!

How can I calm all this anxiety and noise around me?!?

The answer, as always, is one step at a time. Just begin and you will find your way.

Calmly stepping back from the buzz of everyday life eases you gently into your cocoon. In the cocoon, things slow down and thoughts begin to separate. As strings of thought disentangle, clarity and space emerge. Within this space, several things may happen. On a physical level, your body will immediately begin to create nutrition through separation and assimilation. Cortisol levels sink and a feeling of well being will surface on the emotional level.

Mentally, a wide open area will begin to appear and from this you may begin to make discoveries - maybe not immediately but with time. Everything needs time and just as a field must be left to lie fallow every four years, so must our systems rest to recharge and regenerate.

From this simple activity, a multitude of possibilities may spring: discoveries and perhaps even more importantly: re-discoveries...

Feedback from the latest MIndbodify live event:

"I could really let go. And what you said about the importance of nourishing yourself - I needed to hear that today. I’ve been running around for weeks now. I feel very tired and the noise never stops.

I think this is the first time that I really took time to nourish myself, to let go and just be, forget what needs to be done, forget the next step.

That was really good - it reminded me that it can be done, so thank you!"

Allow us to show you how it can be done: https://www.mindbodify.com/nourishment

Shiatsu in the German-speaking World (Sept 28)

Another milestone is reached as the amazing Barbara Murakami announces the release of a new book on Shiatsu.

A hand picked selection of contributors converge around the theme of the alchemy of the Shiatsu encounter:

"What is the core of Shiatsu? In search of an answer, the editor Barbara Murakami, engaged in exciting and touching exchanges with Shiatsu colleagues worldwide.

She gathered texts from her colleagues on this topic and began to write down her own experiences and thoughts.

The book is intended to focus experiences scattered across many national borders like a magnifying glass and encourage people to focus on the core of Shiatsu, on the encounter, on what happens between the two partners in the treatment process".

Those wishing to inspect or purchase this noble volume, seek no further:


A Day of Light and Poetry (Sept 27)

Within the bones.

Dark as night, older than time,

Hidden, concealed, deathly still: the stuff of life.

Slow slow slow....

Seeking slow passage, thick and heavy,

Laden with goods, for sense and survival,

The stuff of memory,

Going nowhere, arriving everywhere.

Our daily bread, our sustenance,

The moment to moment, but deeper than now,

Invisible in motion, present when still,

Ready at hand, biding its time.

Spurting with life, frothing and foaming,

Darting and turning, gaping and gasping,

Alive to the miracle, breathing the moment

Wave after wave, rising again.

If you know, you know......

Meridian Families: Behind the Scenes (Sept 24)

As we were planning this online course, we realised that there really were no good graphics in existence to demonstrate the living force of these energetic realities.

So when the wheel doesn't exist - invent the wheel!

We started from scratch and found useful images. Snezhana and her daughter sketched them onto paper. I printed out the scanned images and shaded in by hand the terrain pathways. Snezhana then turned them into digital images.

Why on earth go to those lengths for a few images?

Because none existed. To appreciate the meridian families and the greater meridians they are comprised of, you need charts that show the exact anatomy of stillness, posture and movement. It is absolutely no use showing something which reveals its primary reality on the sides of the body from the front or back. Neither is it useful to show unnatural poses - what we want is to show nature as it lives, breathes thinks and feels on and in the human body.

This 8-week online course begins on Monday October 25th. Its purpose is to provide energy bodyworkers and others interested in subtle anatomy and physiology with new tools to interact in a fully authentic way with living systems in the human body. Three families - three levels of reality: all interacting in polyharmony.

Overview, energy practices, kata and application.

Taster event (18/10): https://www.mindbodify.com/offers/xDRyvZBR

Early Bird registration: https://www.mindbodify.com/offers/WNc2qQKn

Meridian Families (Sept 16)

The meridian families model represents an ancient and poetic but also a vital and strategic way of understanding the meridian system.

This course will expand and clarify your conceptual understanding of the meridians and give you an embodied experience of the human energetic system from the macro-perspective of the three families.

The course will begin with a panoramic overview of the model. Almost immediately, you will gain an enhanced vision of the energy system as a whole.

Then we will dive deeper and explore the functions and pathways of these greater meridians, including relevant acupressure points and their use in relation to the quality of Qi within the different meridian families.

You will receive detailed notes and other supporting materials designed to help you reflect and practice: the more you practice, the more your reflection will mature and the faster your understanding and confidence will grow.

Your exploration will be enhanced with a short Qigong programme as well as a longer series of six embodiment practices that will transform the theoretical model into a vibrant living experience.

8 Live Sessions on Consecutive Mondays

Start: Monday 25th October, 6 pm GMT

By the end of the course you will:

- Understand the bigger picture of the meridian system

- Possess an expanded understanding of the qualities of Qi

- Recognize the relationships between time frames and energy patterns

- Feel and understand the qualities of each meridian family through embodiment practices

- Begin to overcome the habit of seeing a person primarily in terms of pathology and diagnosis and move towards recognising potential through the economics of energy patterning.

Until October 10th you can save 15% on the regular course fee. Register here to secure your Early Bird price:

The Sea of Nourishment (Sept 15)

In Chinese medicine there is a model called the Four Seas. It depicts the energy system of the human being in four levels: Energy, Nutrition, Blood and Marrow. Marrow is the deepest and Blood the next deepest.

Closest to the surface is the Sea of Energy: exuberant, outgoing, active and alert. Slightly below that is the much calmer Sea of Nutrition or Nourishment. This is important - it is not so very much deeper; just one level below the surface. This tells us that to gain access to the Sea of Nourishment we only have to pause, reflect, breathe and relax. Et voilà! We are there.

We can liken the sea of Nutrition to a place where we generate and store nutritive resources: our larder, our granary if you will. It is fairly easy to enter and fairly easy to exit. We just have to allow the body to do it and everything happens by itself.

It is, in fact, as simple as switching from the sympathetic state (inquisitive, sensory, perceptive) to para-sympathetic (passive, relaxed, receptive) and the job does itself. The problem is that we don't always allow this to happen naturally. Indeed, we have become experts at not allowing it to happen by itself.

Watch a pack of lions when they have feasted. What do they do? They congregate in a shady spot, lick their lips a hundred times, clean their paws thoroughly, groom each other for a while and then gradually drift into delightful lethargy. How many of us can raise our hands and honestly claim that we do likewise? No, we hardly ever do this. And by not doing this, as a habitual pattern, we rob our systems of their natural elasticity.

A healthy system switches with ease from a state of playful, inquisitive alertness to one of softly contented relaxation. If you've forgotten, just look at your children. They demonstrate this all the time if left to their own devices. Strap toddlers into a car seat and they have fallen asleep before you've even left the curb. Unstrap them and in a few minutes they'll be running around creating fun and games from thin air.

It's so simple. And yet, it is easy to forget.

Join us for our next Mindbodify live event this coming Tuesday evening (21/9) and begin to remember:

Human Nature (Sept 12)

At one level, we humans are made of bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, blood, fluids, molecules, atoms and particles.

Beyond that we are made up of energy.

Ancient peoples all over the world fashioned models of how this energy is organised, as well as methods to maintain and improve that organisation.

One very famous model is the ayurvedic one, based on the chakras and nadis and featuring meditative, breath and movement techniques nowadays collectively known as yoga.

Another well known model is the one created by the Chinese. Like all ancient models, the Chinese one is based on shamanic wisdom, but underwent a highly sophisticated systematisation that began somewhere around 2000 years before Christ.

The practices that emerged are based on the channels of energy we call meridians. Some of them involve meditation, breath work and internal imagery. Others revolve around standing practices with breath and movement, which we nowadays call Qigong. Still others involve touch stimulation, either with relatively sharp objects (later called acupuncture) or with bare hands. One of the latter day descendants is called Shiatsu and is what I and many like me around the world practice.

Since this recent 18-month period has "encouraged" me to teach on-line, I am now delighted to present an online course presenting this system of energy channels. It is called Meridian Families to emphasise the basic structure of the system and the fundamental nature of its workings.

The three families are situated relative to each other: one dominates the back, one covers the front and one works in between, knitting them together (medially and laterally).

This will be an 8-week course, starting on Monday 25th October and each class will last 100 minutes. There will be a one hour "taster" class the week before (18/10) for anyone who is uncertain but interested in what the course can offer them.

This course is suitable for beginners, since we will be presenting the system from the ground upwards in a methodical fashion. However, such people will need to be focused and highly motivated, for the course is also aimed at those currently studying and even those practising Shiatsu (or other energy-oriented bodywork modalities).

Detailed materials will be presented, as well as two specially designed sets of exercises and individual tailored treatments for each of the six greater meridians that make up the three families.

The meridian families model presents the nature of who we are on a number of levels simultaneously and as it does so, it reveals the magic of who we are and why we were created in this exact way.

Anyone who is interested, can send me a PM and all details will be forthcoming!

Levels of Nourishment (Sept 11)

At the most basic level, we consider health as physical well-being. Salient nutritive factors include food, drink, breath and of course the continuum that stretches from rest through activity.

Beyond these survival levels, we might consider enrichment to be the goal of nourishment. Surviving is an absolute necessity, but once achieved we can extend our horizons to the richness of life as we shape and create it. Our emotional spectrum, our mental abilities and our spiritual capacities also thirst for development. Each has particular requisites that vary over season, year and decade.

Connection with self seems to be as important as connection with others. In other words: sharing as an art form. Do we always manage to fill our own quota sufficiently before giving our resources to those around us? Do we hoard unnecessarily, subtly scared by the spectre of scarcity?

Another less often discussed form of nourishment is what we call inspiration: when we are inspired, we feel fulfilled. Feeding and being fed by inspiration in spirals leading both inwards and outwards are curiosity and creativity.

A vital continuum is that of structure and creativity. Once we find the correct ratio of grounding to spontaneity, we find the key to expressing ourselves, consistently and without draining ourselves. Consistency is the key to developing abilities and turning them into skills with practice over time.

Join us at Mindbodify on Tuesday 21 September as we explore and embody these issues in our third on-line event:

Common Ground (Sept 10)

In a moment of dream-sleep-meditation after an hour's choreographed and spontaneous Qigong and Yoga, three visions floated through my inner eye: Luke and Yoda, Christopher Robbin, Pooh and Piglet and Moomintroll with Snufkin...

"Snufkin is a philosophical vagabond who wanders the world fishing and playing the harmonica. He carries everything he needs in his backpack, as he believes that having too much stuff makes life overly complicated.

Snufkin is easygoing and carefree, and enjoys thinking about things. He always comes and goes as he pleases. Snufkin meets every new person and event with curiosity and a warm heart.

The enigmatic Snufkin does not avoid other people’s company, but he does prefer to travel alone. He never asks the names of the new places he visits, but simply enjoys the journey itself..."

Weirdly, Snufkin was always my favourite Moomin-being... Even more weirdly, these visions appeared as I found myself improvising a sequence of point touch-opening movement involving the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians. Their archetype is called the Free and Easy Wanderer...

It might be time for a trip!


What is Nourishment? (Sept 6)

Well, that all depends on who is asking and what their particular needs might be.

First there is the question of quality. It is no use stuffing ourselves full of empty calories, toxins and meaningless media input if we are expecting to be nourished. We do need to gradually become aware of the content and the inner value of the things we consume.

There is also the issue of quantity. How much is enough? can plenty be too much? When does less become more? Within this sub-theme we have the idea of proportions. No one is expecting anyone else to go on a purity crusade - that kind of thing usually ends up in relapse if not collapse and prolapse.

A wonderful phrase in this context is: "moderation in everything... including moderation". In other words, stay on the middle way but allow yourself to let your hair down and go ape crazy every now and then.

Within this question of nutrition, we might also consider our relationship to earth, to place and to nature. We all know that too much telephone time and too many hours in front of screens is not beneficial. We are all familiar with the benefits of walking in nature, gazing at clouds and watching sunsets.

Many of us are aware of the difference in vibration between places and between rooms within the same building. There are even those among us who can sense a good spot to for lying down and those to avoid. Some can feel a direct benefit from standing under one particular tree rather than another, or sitting on one particular stone as opposed to one of its neighbours.

When we begin to consider nourishment, a host of factors start becoming interesting...

The Free (Sept 6)

Marina and I were invited to a weekend gathering at a very beautiful spot a few hours South of Uppsala. Any excuse for a mini-road trip and especially since we were invited by the multi-talented and highly wonderful Maria Jangdin.

We were treated like VIPs and shown around her childhood haunts, even spending the night at her friendly uncle Ola's place in the forest. Two cats were fleetingly visible and a grey parrot imitated people talking on the phone, rang his bell at random moments, whistled shrilly and gaily said goodbye to everyone as they left.

The gathering was wonderful and we were given a spot at the tail-end of Saturday afternoon to demonstrate the essence of our arts: Qigong, breathwork and Shiatsu. Our fellow travellers were warmly receptive and received the invitation to share space and energy with focus, smiles and laughter.

In the evening, forty to fifty people wandered around, enjoying the barbeque, the company, a beer or two, the innovative tree trunk fires lit by Tobias Thilly and a magical heaven complete with milky way and crystal clear plough constellation.

On Sunday, we sat and listened to truth revealers and thought liberators Carl Nordberg and Conny Grewe, before enjoying the last of Maria's scintillating hospitality and a drive home through the twilight.

We even got to meet up with our new friend Jori Lahdenperä and his excellent dog, Bambo. Great event folks and what a fantastic crew of people.
Thanks for the invitation and the care you took looking after us!

Three in One (Sept 3)

A symbol affects us on multiple levels. As the eye registers a design, shape or set of colours, myriad associations flood thorough our system. Some of the resonance occurs on a conscious level. Most of it is subliminal.

The Mindbodify logo was born through a combination of idea and feeling. The symbol we chose was one we both resonated with in a pleasant and fulfilling way. It satisfied something intrinsic and propelled us further along our path.

it is an ancient symbol, and even has a name - the triquetra - and has been used for centuries in a variety of contexts. We liked it for its broad base and elegant peak. We enjoyed its never ending, perpetual process. We liked the trinity of mind, body and spirit, reflected in the three levels and suggesting the Three Treasures of Oriental alchemy.

We experimented with colours and found a combination that suggested some of the things we wanted to offer through Mindbodify: tranquility, transformation and enrichment.

We hope that it resonates with you and enriches your world.

Energy Conservation (Aug 30)

Conservation is a form of respect and appreciation for the life force energy in all of its expressions, from conserving and protecting our natural resources, to being attentive to the needs of our bodies, to using the energies of our words and actions with gentle conservation by which we freely use what is needed, but no more.

Life force continually recycles its energies for the rebirth of new expression; all is given freely, but nothing is without value or wasted.

Conservation demonstrates that we have respect and appreciation for the gift of creative energy that life has provided, and as we learn to use this energy, in all its forms, with respect and clear intention, we will progressively fine tune our ability to create what we desire, while assisting all other kingdoms to simultaneously do the same.

If everything we perceive in our hologram of life is understood to be a manifestation of personal life force energy, we might all begin to employ more respect, appreciation and conservation toward the use and applications of the energies of the One.

There is some truth in the old saying "Waste Not, Want Not".

Adapted from Danielle Stotijn, Master your Mind, Body & Spirit

Alchemy and Transformation - from Nothing (Aug 25)

Last Thursday, Mindbodify hosted its second event. We greeted old friends and thoroughly enjoyed all the weird time-zone mistakes and glitches that brought some of them to us.

During the formal part of the event, I improvised three exercises that spanned the entire spectrum between total freedom from structure to clear and simple structural guidelines.

The results were pretty interesting at the time but as the days proceeded the feedback intensified. Here are some of the comments we received:

Hi Chris, that was a lovely session, thank you. I feel very relaxed now and keep yawning (note: yawning = best way to immediately release accumulated tension).

I was impressed by the work of Leslie Kaminoff, but Chris transformed my understanding again. Thank you all!

Thanks for last night everyone... My energy was so high at the beginning... But as soon as the session began I felt my energy rebalance and stabilise... Even though I do breathing exercises regularly... I found the last one really interesting... The link to the nervous system felt more apparent to me... I think consciously I'm pretending to myself... That my nervous system is manageable and not running the show... I think my therapist head is way ahead of my actual feelings... Where I actually am on the wellness scale... I suppose it showed me where I am instead of where I think I should be... The power of shared energy. Can't wait for the next session!

It was an amazing session, Chris! I’m still deep in thought about what has emerged for me.

The Mindbodify on Thursday, unexpectedly changed my life. It was fantastic - a real cure & alchemy to reveal. Thanks a lot!

Snezhana and Chris, I have missed you guys so much and was very happy to see you yesterday. Thank you for this project - it is very important and I hope it will grow and became a real functioning community!!!

I think what you are doing is amazing and so needed in the world... This could help so many people in so many ways... On whichever level they are... Client... Therapist... Human being… Or just citizens of this crazy world... I pray your adventure grows like the wind blows through the forest helping readjust whatever it meets… Assisting everything to find it natural balance, place and strength.

With all that healing energy flying around, people that need it will be drawn in. As their higher self knows that it is exactly what they themselves and the world need right now.

Connection, knowledge and true compassion with the wish to benefit others and the world. Where people take their master’s hat off and are open to the shared knowledge of the human condition and true love for humanity and the forgotten knowledge, how could you fail? For everything that is good and pure will work for you xxx

Mindbodify - Your space, your time. Where being yourself is enough:

Going That Extra Mile (Aug 24)

Sometimes you just gotta dress up and party down.

Two great friends of ours invited us to their 100 year celebration and made clear that their chosen theme was Miami Vice.

There are two salient things to bear in mind here: neither Marina or I had ever seen an episode of Miami Vice but our hosts, Annika and Daniel, had also hosted a legen-dary Halloween party a few years ago that went down in the annals of history as an event that shook the world.

So, after making some discreet inquiries, and consulting online we made our best effort.

The party was a celebration in the true sense of the word.

Daniel and Annika are famously inclusive in their manner of welcoming and embracing their guests, leaving no one to fend for themselves and creatively maximising each micro-event to include and integrate every single every member of the group.

The food was minimal - and perfect. The drink was maximal and, as far as I remember, also perfect...

The costumes were brilliant, outrageous and wildly entertaining.

Great party guys!

This Perfect Day (Aug 23)

The title of a song by Australian punk group the Saints and one of my favourites from that era (yes, I am that old), it came to mind as I surveyed my balcony and its sunny late summer view.

From my privileged perspective, I wonder daily whether humanity will slide and subside into slavery at the hands of faceless "health", "scientific" and "financial" authorities, ruling through digital "currencies" and "green" passports, all controlled through our favourite toys-turned-weapons, the mobile phone....

Or whether mankind will instead awaken to its magnificent potential, its combined gifts of wonder, creativity, intelligence, intuition and kindness...

Will the Great Awakening soon be a reality?

Or is it, in fact, already a reality we are slowly realising and catching up with?

An Ally of Immeasurable Proportions (Aug 23)

The power of the breath is often underestimated.

We sometimes approach breathing as a technique and try to steer, control and influence it. Another approach, which provides immediate and profound benefits, is simply to discover the breath. We listen, we observe and gradually we begin to understand its patterns of behaviour. In the long run we gain an ally of immeasurable proportions.

Once we have become acquainted with the breath, we begin to learn how to work in tandem with it. Awareness is both the start and the finish and with awareness we learn how simple variables can alter situations beyond what might rationally be expected.

Simply becoming more aware of our hands, fingers and arms and then placing them in different positions and parts of our body brings awareness from the depths to the surface. Things long forgotten or unsuspected come to our attention. Once there, they are subject to influence and change from our conscious as well as our unconscious mental processes.

In our world of relativity, we experience ups and downs. We see how things reach a state of fullness and completion and then dissolve and turn into something else: styles, tastes, careers, even relationships reach a state of fullness and then transform into new states.

With our breath we can experience the fullness of inhalation and then, when we are ready, the emptiness that follows exhalation. We might listen to our heartbeat in the fullness and the emptiness and discover that we are equally comfortable with both states... or that we are not equally comfortable. And then we can begin to do something about it.

For anyone who missed the Event last week, here is a chance to find out what we did. This link will be available for one week. Anyone registered will be able to see the recording indefinitely:


Mindbodify - your ally in embodied power.

Fun with Sunflowers (Aug 20)

After five days of cloudy weather and rain it was a thing of beauty to cavort and jest in Garoun's allotment today with Marina's favourite flowers.

Late summer has a charm all of its own and although not a season readily acknowledged by all here in the West, it is an essential part of the Chinese calendar, one associated with the Earth phase within the series of five transformations.

Late summer is said to be the time when things stand still. The growth is largely done; now we wait as the sweetness accumulates in the last fruit, grain, squash and root vegetables before the final harvest comes and fall sets in.

A time of year to celebrate in stillness, to give thanks for all that has been and all that is to come...

So get ready folks - there's a lot to come!

Happy Late Summer everyone!!

Mindbodify: Embody and Transform (Aug 17)

This sounds so simple and indeed it is simple.

However, it is not easy. First we have to create the conditions for the process to open and unfold. This is what we do at Mindbodify. We transport you into a calmer, embodied state, a symbiosis with your body, your mental processes, your emotional memory bank and your soul attributes.

Following our premier event four weeks ago, one of the participants sent in the following comment:

Reclining Relaxation and Expansion

I just did this exercise... Afterwards, I rolled onto my side so that my head could gently release.... I focused on shutting off the outside world and connecting with my inner terrain...

What came up was the last few times I had with my sister who recently passed... My true feelings for her... the ones which did not get all mixed up with the hypocrisy of her death... Something I couldn't manage at the time...

Thanks again Mindbodify. I needed this.

Here is our reply:

Hi! It was a pleasure to read your words. By following the exercise and then also following your own innate signals, you made the very most of the experience we offered.

Deep inside us are transformative processes we can reach when we manage to do exactly as you did - shut off the outside world, pause the programming, defuse the drama and allow reality to flow from inner world to inner world.

We are rich, multi-dimensional beings with many untested, untried or forgotten gifts.

Congratulations on finding one of yours: clarity.

Naturally, we could not have predicted this precise result. However, the exercise was designed in order to create the conditions for this kind of transformative experience. Sometimes the release is subliminal and the participant falls into a deep state of near sleep (or even actual sleep - let's face it!) but sometimes realisations come with this kind of soft and sudden clarity.

Join us on Thursday as we become our breath and discover who we are on multiple levels!

To register: https://www.mindbodify.com/pl/2147519050

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/264082862197438

Closing Time at SES Zoo (Aug 15)

An annual tradition involves us teaching two of the Five Animals to the students during our summer course. The results are always instructive, nourishing, enlivening and invariably humorous.

This year we spent time becoming tigers and cranes.

The crane is so surprisingly spontaneous that several students didn't manage to stay upright as they tried to follow the moves - the abruptness with which the crane suddenly leaps into its feather washing frenzy had them doubled over with laughter. Nothing wrong with a few laughs here and there - helps to maintain concentration, in fact.

Here you see the sudden moves certain people were inspired to portray when the lens was pointed at them after an hour of animal frolics.

Svenska Energiskolan always does things its own way. If you think that might coincide with your way, then follow this link. Our next course starts in a little over one month. Two days remain to register for our special Early Bird price...


SES Summer Course 2021: Day One (Aug 12)

As you can see, the weather smiled on us for our morning session.

After a teeny weeny false start, we gathered in a sunny circle and followed Marina through a series of Spiral movements inspired by Pilates.

Attention shifted to me as I then guided the assembled enthusiasts through a sequence called Taiji Qigong. As far as these things go, it's a fairly modern form but created from traditional elements.

Emphasising soft, round movements that demonstrate and celebrate polarity, it is like experiencing an internal, embodied lecture on Yin and Yang and the laws of transformation.

These students are our first group who have gotten all the way thru this form by lunch on the first day of their summer course. They worked hard and in the image you see them enjoying a well deserved rest.

The afternoon was devoted to a Yin Yoga relaxation sequence, a series of arm extensions for meridian release, a discussion of the Mysterious Triple Heater and Pericardium and the first five moves of the Tiger from Five Animals Frolic.

At the end of the day, Marina and I made ourselves available for evening festivities but to a (wo-)man they decided on a quiet evening and calmly drifted away. Good call!

Tomorrow is a new day, we will keep up the pace and in the coming days they will learn not only the entire Tiger form but also the Crane and a quiet internal qigong form called Six Stars from the Yellow Dragon Daoist Temple in Southern China.

Get a good night's sleep everyone. And tomorrow we continue.

Svenska Energiskolan: creating tomorrow's leaders. The quiet way.


At the Height of Summer...

Late Summer rolls in (Aug 11)

This is a delightful season in middle Sweden, where the length of the days is somewhat diminished but the light and warmth still remain. These are some of the warmest weeks of the year for us and that is the exact reason we place our summer course smack in the middle of them.

Every year it seems we are graced by gorgeous summer sunshine where afternoons stretch effortlessly into sublime evenings... training in Qigong, meditation, yoga, relaxation and breathwork out in the open air is a real treat for us Northerners and the sweetness of late summer is really something to savour.

The course is semi-residential in that students usually seek accommodation in town, either with a classmate or at some kind of modestly priced hostel, which means we can allow the sessions to stretch out with only half an eye on the clock.

This year we are especially pleased to welcome back two of our students whose training was rudely cut off by the pandemonium that caused chaos in every strata of our world, not least social relations, travel and communications.

We are overjoyed to welcome back Susanne Lindholm and Carola Sandin, who look to be all set to take up exactly where they left off just over one year ago. Ladies: welcome back!

The members of our regular group seem to be ready to take their next step and we are as always delighted to be welcoming back the ever blossoming Maria Hallström - a true Energy Pedagogue, now engaged in bringing Mindfulness practice to schools.

We look forward to four days packed with leisurely intensity and embodied intelligence.

For more information about our school and its activities simply follow the link. A new course starts in just over a month and there are still a few days left in which to grab that precious Early Bird price: https://www.svenskaenergiskolan.se/

Becoming Breath (Aug 10)

Imagine yourself lying near a beach, in the shade, sunhat covering your face, umbrella drink on the side table. You feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper, cares falling away one by one as your breath deepens and lengthens.

Now cut to daily life on the run and the ease with which we allow ourselves to slip into states of worry and near panic. The smallest minor upset can bring on a feeling of unease and a sensation that one has to work just to be able to breathe. Even a story in the media can be enough to set us off and the breath is the first victim as your pulse starts to rise.

Imagine you could in three to five seconds bring all that adrenaline and anxiety under control with a couple of simple techniques. It is entirely possible and although it takes a bit of application, the concept is as simple as the practice itself.

We are our breath and our breath is us. In this life, it is the first thing we do and the very last thing we do.

There are basically two types of breathing techniques.

In one category we steer the breath and guide it so that we learn to control its scope, length and intensity. There are a million ways to do this and a million benefits to be gained from these practices.

The other way is to become gradually cognisant of how we breathe, to create a relationship with the breath in which we are witnesses and learn to gradually become the breath. We begin to understand that the breath already knows exactly what to do and only needs our cooperation to create optimal circumstances for us.

This practice has literally unlimited scope and application. it promises a symbiotic relationship with the animating breath, the living intelligence residing within you.

Join us at Mindbodify on Thursday August 19th as we celebrate the power and mystery of the breath in our second event: Becoming Breath. (For times see link).

To register: https://www.mindbodify.com/pl/2147519050

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/264082862197438

Time... and Again (Aug 8)

The question of time and time travel has intrigued people of all ages even though it seems to defy rational thought and the experience of everyday life...

However, within the scientific community there are those - among them renowned physicist Carlo Rovelli at Aix-Marseille University - who conclude that: "At the most fundamental level we currently know of, there is little that resembles time as we experience it."

Cutting edge science commentator Lynne McTaggart writes that "to the brain there is absolutely no difference between past and future .... our brain is able to ‘hardwire’ our memory to change our response to what occurred in the past and also use this new version to heal past events that hold us back and design our future. The most important element is a sense of taking back our own power.

Although our understanding of the mechanism is still primitive, the experimental evidence of time reversal is fairly robust. We’re beginning to understand life as one giant, smeared-out here and now, much of it – past, present and future – open to our influence at any moment."

This is the exact same experience many have when they come for treatments with Shiatsu and other energy medicine modalities.

There are many different models to explain the phenomenon but the onion image is probably the simplest. As the practitioner and receiver engage with the collection of memories gathered within the bodymind, a layer of the "onion" gently begins to peel off.

This provides vivid recollection of past events and revelation of other, more deeper lying layers. Each successive layer, as it is peeled away, liberates the receiver from events locking their mind and soul into behavioural patterns, frees creative energy and grants access to yet deeper layers.

Although this is not the standard Hollywood/sci-fi version of time travel, it is an effective way to access the past as though it were right now and alter the effect of the events that occurred. This liberates the present, creating conditions for a freer future.

For those preferring to work with liberation and empowerment on their own, there are a variety of approaches within Qigong, meditation, deep relaxation and breathwork. For those who feel the call, it is a relatively simple matter to absorb some of these techniques and share them with others as ripples spread on water.

Join us at Svenska Energiskolan as we begin a new adventure into time, space and relationship. Early Bird prices until August 17th... https://www.svenskaenergiskolan.se/

Family Tradition (Aug 7)

Garoun is Marina's niece and a very smart young lady. Smart, talented and beautiful, to be precise. Her superpowers include creating and wearing minimalist samba outfits, a laugh that can wake the dead for thirteen blocks and growing vegetables.

Her allotment is a scene of manifold abundance and we are some of the grateful recipients of its munificence. A week or so back we were there in the early evening sunshine to admire the produce and get our hands dirty. Red and juicy in fact - we picked several kilos of red currants from her overloaded bushes, while surreptitiously sneaking a few choice raspberries from her neighbours...

Once home, Marina picked them clean, boiled them down and separated the flesh from the rest. Still not entirely clued in, I watched from a safe distance as events transpired.

Turns out she was making fruit leather, or as they call it in Armenian: "mini thin breads".

Once again, your corespondent was the delighted witness to tradition coming alive through family bonds.

Viva Garoun! Viva Marina! Viva la cultura tradicional!

A Pigeon in a Pear Tree (Aug 4)

A long-delayed conversation with one of my partners in thought crime, Shaun Turner, moved with purpose and intent from quantum physics through spider mind lines, the Shadow and the dark web before emptying us out into seiza, the art of correctly sitting according to Japanese bodily dynamics.

Our session moved further into the practical realm with diagnosis through visual and palpatory examination of the ear, which in turn helped us identify certain mildly traumatic events in the childhood of Turner jr.

Treatment addressing circulatory and digestive issues proceeded, using tiny silver and golden ear pellets and acupuncture needles in arms, legs and forehead.

Refreshed and rejuvenated by our exchange, I strolled down to my regular haunt, Cafe Tar, which delivered its usual cluster of gentle delights. Having received not one but two afternoon cancellations, I permitted myself a walk in the park on the scenic route back to the clinic.

My initial inspection took in the magnolia trees (2 out of 3 in great shape), the recently cut-to-the-ground elderberry bushes (sprightly and encouraging new growth visible) and an ingenious combination of wooden devices shoring up the rotten and collapsed fencing.

My attention then fell upon several piece of wood in the grass. Gentle prodding with sandalled feet revealed that said wooden material was thoroughly rotten. Intuitive impulses kicking in, I looked up to see a partially naked tree towering above me.

Further inspection revealed that on one side of a deep crack low down in the trunk, this pear tree was faring relatively well, whereas things were looking quietly desperate on the other side.

Diagnosis is, in essence, no more than noticing things that seem out of the ordinary - things that stick out in one way or another. A colleague of mine once summed it up as follows: Can you feel something? Good. Now, what do you feel?

In this case we ask: Do you notice anything? if so, what is it? This is the essential, initial phase. Naming and acting upon the information gleaned are secondary and tertiary phases in the process, which in turn yield new information, leading to further interaction and so on and so forth.

All of this leads us to the age-old mantra of infinity: "Diagnosis is treatment and treatment is diagnosis".

Glancing up once again to the denuded upper branches, I sighted a friendly wood pigeon enjoying the view. Naked branches certainly have one advantage: clarity of observation....

A tune popped into my head and announced itself as a festive carol in which a beloved is gifted a partridge in a pear tree on the very first day of Christmas. This being the Fourth day of August and about as far away from Yuletide as it is possible to get, this weird and quirky version featuring a pigeon in a rather dilapidated pear tree seemed amusingly appropriate.

Social Artistry (Aug 2)

A Social Artist is a leader who utilizes the dedication, skills and understanding of an artist and applies them to people and societies.

A Social Artist has the capacity to see situations in the world that require change and to bring a variety of skills to effect the changes required by connecting with four levels of the human psyche:

Physical/sensory - body: we experience embodiment and learn how to tap into the genius codes of our body and our inner and outer senses. This gives us a greater intelligence with regard to our environment, our social awareness and our ability to act and co-create with others.

Psychological/historic - mind: we discover that we are many people and have skills that go beyond ego. We are multidimensional beings, the universe in miniature and are in service to the larger life that is required of us all: to become stewards of life on this planet and game-changers at this critical turning point in human history.

Mythic/symbolic - story: we discover that we are the hero/heroine in a world that is larger than our expectations, more thrilling than all our dreams. Living in this new story, this heroic journey, we discover allies and opportunities to co-create a better world.

Spiritual - unitive: we experience reality as interconnected and each other as part of the Oneness in which we all dwell. This shift in consciousness inspires a new way of being that changes the story of life in the 21st Century.

We access inner capacities to align ourselves with the Earth's higher purpose and the reality of a higher truth: we live within a Cosmos that is alive, interconnected, interdependent, conscious and seeks our partnership.

Ultimately, it is about all of us co-creating the human and social changes needed to make a better world.

Find out more about how we think, feel, dream and work at the Swedish Energy School. Our new course starts on September 17th. Early Bird prices until August 17th...


Rapture (Aug 1)

In the aftermath of an allegedly impossible mac-virus, I am in the process of sifting through thousands of files....

Turgid business? Most certainly.

Moments of delight? Absolutely!

Take these lines from Joseph Campbell, for example:

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned,

so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

The old skin has to be shed

before the new one can come.

If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step,

you know it's not your path.

Your own path you make with every step you take -

that's why it's your path.

Follow your bliss.

If you do follow your bliss,

you put yourself on a kind of track

that has been there all the while waiting for you,

and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living.

When you can see that, you begin to meet people

who are in the field of your bliss and they open the doors to you.

I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid and doors will open

where you didn't know they were going to be.

If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you

that wouldn't have opened for anyone else.

Intuition, Inner Strength and Sensitivity (July 30)

In certain cultures and at certain points in history, strength has been equated with external force and, in particular, muscular exertion. That is not my definition, though of course these are certainly aspects of what strength might be construed as.

Inner strength, I believe, is more than this. It includes sensitivity and leads to increased intuition. So what is sensitivity and what the hell might intuition be?

Sensitivity seems to be a word best used to describe inner atunement to one's deepest and sharpest senses. Sensitivity is the ability to sense things as they emerge, almost prior to manifestation. It involves the use of empathy and awareness to feel the feelings of others, either through direct perception or finely tuned visual acuity. It involves such things as distal communication either by arrangement or via random, spontaneous events.

All of these phenomena are potentially unsettling, both to the person directly involved and to others around them as the results become known. The level of disturbance a sensitive person can experience is often enough for them to attempt the foregoing of these gifts in favour of a more mundane, less colourful but also less dramatic existence. Sadly, this means other abilities disappear, since this kind of callibration is rarely done with any meaningful guidance and quite often under considerable duress, both internal and external - precisely because it can be unsettling for less sensitive people, who find it hard to assimilate.

Intuition is similar but involves a kind of inner knowing, which is usually difficult to explain and almost always impossible to rationalise. Intuition can be of several stripes.

There is natural intuition, which sensitive people have from the outset. It is often one of the gifts they lose when they try to diminish their sensitivity. There is also trained intuition - "been there done that" kind of thing. If you have experienced similar situations hundreds of time previously, you can comfortably predict outcomes from a kind of distilled knowledge base, without even consciously deciding to do so.

There is also gut feeling, which is again slightly different. People who sit very firmly in their physical shape and work from the basis of what they feel in the moment can frequently intuit outcomes simply by resting within their internal presence, with a gathered, focused sense and read off their internal transcript. I have been told that those who are successful in business have this gift (not being a successful businessman, I can only report secondhand!)

So, how does all this fit together?

When you are given the right conditions and are able to cultivate inner strength, you begin to make room for your sensitivity. You allow all your old gifts, powers and abilities to re-emerge and re-flower. Your intuition becomes stronger as you give it power and grant it permission to help you make decisions. Gradually, even major decisions can be made on an intuitive basis, adding dimensions to the classic, rationally-based "pros and cons" lists otherwise used.

How does one develop inner strength?

There are probably a million ways. Probably, in fact, unlimited ways.

One way is to join with like-minded people, similarly interested in improving their lives through cultivation of inner strength. One very simple way of doing this is provided by the Swedish Energy School - join us in September as we guide you back towards your resources of inner strength. (Early Bird prices available until August 17th...)


Becoming our Breath (July 30)

Snezhana and I would like to invite you to Mindbodify's second live event on Thursday, August the 19th at 18.30 GMT (That's 19.30 CET or 20.30 EET).

Our theme this time is breath: Becoming the Breath, to be more exact.

There is a strange paradox in effect here. We all breathe all the time - to breathe is the very precondition of earthly existence. Right? So what's all the fuss about? The paradox is this: even though we are all continually breathing, the quality of the breath we are manifesting and experiencing differs radically from person to person and from moment to moment. There is enormous potential to be explored here!

Watch a healthy baby, cat, dog, cow or donkey. Their breath is a fully spontaneous, fully authentic sign of perfect alignment with their true nature and with the moment itself. Now, reflect on your own breath and ponder how much your breathing changes from moment to moment. Stressful situations wedge the breath into an uncomfortably tight portion of your mind-body. On the other hand, two weeks of rest and relaxation will have you matching any baby or kitten for comfortably settled, naturally expanded breathing.

So, how do we approach the challenge of maintaining a relatively constant and open relationship to our breath? The key, as always, is awareness. The more we practise awareness, the more we can swiftly communicate with our breathing and allow it to settle and expand in an instant.

During our second event, we will invite you to become breathing in three different ways:

- Awareness exercises to bring ourselves into immediate and direct contact with the patterns and rhythms of our breath.

- A reclining exercise combining touch awareness: embracing the breath, feeling its message, hearing its story.

- Extended breathing: hearing our hearts echoing through emptiness; feeling our hearts beating in fullness.

Naturally, there will be a final feedback session with time for questions and, hopefully, some answers.

Join us as we explore the power and the mystery of breathing together!


Sensitivity (July 22)

Several years ago I realised that my clientele had changed. From being a fairly random selection of people, I began to notice that almost one in two were highly sensitive. I gradually worked my way into a knowledge of the world of the sensitive person - and on the way realised I was one too.

The tragedy is that sensitivity is a gift. An astoundingly precious gift. A gift not merely to the person in possession of it but to the whole world around that person and all the people in it. Potentially...

In fact, modern life does not value sensitivity and instead regards it as a hinder to routinely taking care of business. Hand on heart - we have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives.

In my treatments and in classes I have slowly learnt how to lift the sensitivity residing in every person - at least to some extent - and clean it of impurity, dead weight and decay. Sensitivity in clients and students then becomes the primary teaching and healing tool.

The models, techniques and practices I have steeped myself in these past 35 years turn out to be precision tools for this very purpose.

Two days ago, I came across a beautiful description of this world, an insider's view so to speak. With the permission of my new friend, I have now tweaked and remodeled the piece, refashioning the syntax, increasing flow and smoothing out some of the spikes...

Anyone who recognises themselves in this textual poem, please consider that you may have gifts we all need. And please bear this in mind: the treatments we provide at AlternativAkademin in Uppsala, the courses we run at the Swedish School of Energy and the programme we have initiated at Mindbodify address these exact issues.

Being sensitive is being able to reflect on the apparently obvious.

It is living against the current with some degree of lucidity.

It is opening your heart unconditionally but also having to close it.

It is asking yourself ′′Am I making this up?" when the real question might be “Is this fair on me?"

It is having the feeling that nothing ever stops even trying to stop.

It is both rational and also highly irrational and completely passionate.

It is the poetry of the soul, in turn calm and tormented.

Sometimes it is daring to embarrass yourself.

It is strength and vulnerability.

It is fear and courage.

It is to say that the world is both ugly and beautiful.

It is to love life and hate it.

It is feeling the outdoors strongly and its influence deep within.

It is experiencing intensely what the other experiences - for better or worse.

It is seeing evil, while saying it is not possible that it can exist.

It is learning every day to love and trust, learning the confidence to love thy neighbor.

It is feeling intensely what others cannot feel with the same depth.

It is having access to that depth and wondering whether an end exists…

It is seeing details that others cannot see with the same precision.

It is to see all this detail and award it significance.

It is valuing the notion of time because every moment matters; and yet continually adapting.

It is needing others from the genuine need of loneliness.

It is the quest for balance within imbalance.

It is equally the quest for imbalance in balance.

Remember that we are born sensitive; we do not become sensitive.

We will remain sensitive even if we spend our lives hiding or trying to control it.

Through suppressing this sensitivity, we condemn ourselves to suffering.

Sensitive persons are often called “emotional”, “susceptible”, “excessive” or “immature”.

These judgments directly influence our feeling of being different and even wrong.

Sensitivity, when understood and accepted by us, becomes a place of possibility.

For a sensitive person will never abandon their convictions, values and love for others.

It can be the engine of great change and success through its ability to perceive in advance, embrace others and fully invest in its purpose.

Being sensitive is being the wealth of a world filled with paradox.

So be proud of your sensitivity - it is simply asking you to fulfill yourself.




Floating Boats (July 17)

Suddenly the familiar world dissolved.

Marina said she felt like going for a jog and invited me along.

Well, before anyone gets alarmed, rest assured I did not take the bait. I strolled behind her at a respectable pace, enjoying the summer evening warmth and light.

I did, however, take the opportunity to practise some qigong and standing meditation - a few things that have come to me over the years, things I share in my zoom classes, things I teach during the courses we run at the Swedish Energy School, things I will be sharing increasingly on Mindbodify.

These practices arrive in dreams and meditative states and then require honing and tweaking for practice and later presentation.

One of them came this time last year with a special message that the postures might calm anyone still scared of this apparent threat. It is called Three Meridian Families and I will be teaching a series of online Shiatsu classes on this topic through Mindbodify fairly soon. (Watch this space: https://www.mindbodify.com/)

The other exercise combines the powers of the mysterious Triple Heater and Pericardium energy clusters with the Three Treasures and Three Dan Tian. It arrived a few years ago as Marina and I were planning the Energy Pedagogue training.

We will be starting a new course in Stockholm on September 17th. Anyone interested in joining us can follow this link and find out all about it: https://www.svenskaenergiskolan.se/kursplan

When the Student is Ready... (July 16)

the Teacher Appears

A well known saying in many circles and often seen to be remarkably accurate.

But might we turn this around and discover a parallel truth?

This past 17 months have been marked by upheaval and restriction but also and paradoxically, renewal and extension.

Having been a staunch opponent of on-line teaching, I have become a habitual user of online resources to continue some of my teaching. Indeed, I teach more virtually than IRL nowadays - that abbreviation in itself is proof if any were needed!

Am I happy about this development?

In one sense, definitely not. I still prefer meeting face to face in real time. It is extremely difficult to transmit subtle knowledge in an unembodied context.

In another sense, however, yes.

When this whole mallarkey started in March, I was asked to step in and provide relief for my Israeli student family and was happy to do so, even though my efforts were inevitably clumsy and stiff.

Over time, I found ways to communicate and teach that seem to be taking root and enriching the lives and professional endeavours of those in attendance.

In this case, the teacher was certainly not ready, but the students appeared, brimming with enthusiasm, joy and mutual support.

Daily, I receive stories of their applying lessons learnt and people helped out of highly problematic situations.

Therefore, and with a certain wry humility, I thank the people who have listened and learnt during these unusually trying times.

With a clear sense of gratitude, I thank those who were part of the initial wave, those who took over and those still with me, developing as I develop in a thoroughly wonderful symbiosis.

I write these lines as my students in Israel train together at our regular venue. They dubbed the four day course "Chris-less". I told them "Chrysalis" sounded better: from this period of gestation, something unimaginably great will come forth.

The photo shows Eli Cohen and Ronit Malkin leading the Chen Family traditional taiji chuan sequence in fine style.

Thanks guys.

See you soon!

Mindbodify: Premier! (July 12)

At the dawn of this prolonged lockdown era, I was contacted by a woman with a Bulgarian name. It turned out she was living in Sidcup, a stone's throw away from my birthplace in South-East England.

She had initially reacted to a post of mine about a famous Bulgarian folk hero and wondered who on earth this strange Englishman was posting on such obscure subjects close to her birthplace (both her parents were students of his philosophy).

Snezhana became the first non-Israeli to join one of my Zoom groups, thereby opening the flood gates for dozens more. She was just finishing her Shiatsu training in the UK and was at something of a loose end, what with everything being closed in the UK.

Being somewhat of an expert at making lemonade with lemons, however, she approached me with an idea: to create an app for all the stressed, worried, fearful and possibly burnt out people she was seeing all around her.

Two items from her past were especially relevant. She had experience of the corporate world and therefore also of burnout. These two factors combined provided insight into the daily reality of people Iabouring in less than optimal situations, which she felt my skill set might be an antidote for.

The app idea flowered briefly and then bloomed into a fully-fledged on-line platform, Mindbodify: https://www.mindbodify.com/

We filled the site with creative content, pushing my technical capacities to new breaking points and stretching Snezhana's slightly less uncomfortably. We created a facebook page and started making posts. Here's a fresh one generated during our meeting today: https://www.facebook.com/113733587210709/posts/300688011848598/

And now we are ready to welcome you to help us make this thing really come alive. We are hosting our first event on Thursday 15/7 and welcome anyone who wants to experience alignment, focus, calm and relaxation to join us at 6.30 GMT (19.30 CET, 20.30 EET): https://www.mindbodify.com/pl/2147513459

The event is absolutely free and we are also offering free membership to the first 100 takers...

So, folks. Time to make some history. Feel like saying "I was there at the very first Mindbodify Event"?
Well then, join us on Thursday and find out what we've been cooking up this past year.


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